From the series Inner Beauty – Blue willow

Blue Collar – White collar, Buskerud artcenter

In this project I am inspired by one of the first massproduced table ware: Blue Willow, which had its inspiration from the handpainted   chinese porcelain, that was much too expensive for ordinary people. Even though the Blue Willow pattern has a Chinese look and story, it was actually created in England in 1780 by engraver Thomas Minton. Then, Minton sold the design to potter Thomas Turner who mass-produced the pattern on earthenware. 

My aim is to go back to the handpainted and handmade, with traces of the process.

Utstillling med Avart verkstedfellesskap, Buskerud kunstsenter 11 april - 27 maj 2018

Norgespremiär på filmen «Hendenes verk» av filmskaper Mona J. Hoel. Freedom from fear

Link til teaser for filmen Blue collar – White collar

Artist talk tirsdag 8 mai kl 18, med kunstnerne og Mona J. Hoel.